Vân Nguyên, originally from Vietnam, received a diploma in floral arts in 2010 and has strived since then to develop the floral arts in Switzerland where she resides. Drawing on her interest in all arts since an early age, Vân also practices Chinese painting and calligraphy, creates dolls made of cloth or paper, and creates artificial flowers.

Trained in Ikebana – the Japanese art of floral arrangements – first in the discipline of the Ikenobo school and then in the Ohara school, she also began working in Western expressions of the floral arts in 2007 and, since then, has adapted them to Oriental traditions a new, exciting, and modern fashion. Vân enjoys experimentation with the classical principles of the floral arts of both the East and the West, and her work reflects innovation that blends ancient and contemporary traditions of both East and West in vibrant new expressions.

Mrs Nguyên seeks constantly to learn and to share her knowledge and experience and, in 2011, established her own school of floral arts in Geneva where she resides – “Fleurs de Style”. She strives to stimulate and challenge the techniques and experiences of her students and, with them, participates regularly in international floral arts competitions where their creations regularly receive awards and acclaim. She also regularly organises workshops for wider audiences, and acknowledges with pride the ongoing support she receives from her family and friends.

In October 2017, Van Nguyen graduated as International Judge for Floral Art Competitions as well as the Kakyo Teacher Diploma from Ikenobo School.

She continues to express her deepest gratitude for the continued support she receives from her family and friends, as well as the trust she benefits from workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions throughout Europe.


October 2017

Vân Nguyên

Graduate of the Kakyo School of Ikenobo
Certified Instructor of Floral Arts

Certified as an Artistic Floral Animator (DAFA)

Certified as a National Judge
of Artistic Floral Arts

Certified as an International Judge
of Artistic Floral Arts