Calendar 2019 - 2020

Update : 03.02.2020

Calendar of Courses 2019 – 2020

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April 5, 2020 : Wedding – The most beautiful bouquet for a wonderful day of bride with accessories like brooches, bags, jewelry … all with greenery.
April 26, 2020 : The Heart of My Mother – two arrangements to express all the love we have for our beloved mother.
May 24, 2020 : Circles of Life – two decorations that are easy to adapt for almost any occasion.
June 14, 2020 : Decoration of a large buffet – with flowers, foliage, fruits, vegetables and other accessories.

These workshops will be held on Sundays in Thônex – Switzerland from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm with one hour of buffet lunch.

You come only with your personal floral kit. The supply of flowers, plants, accessories and other materials are included in the fixed price.

Registration is mandatory for the need of advance ordering and preparation of flowers, plants and materials.

Regarding the preparation of recognized floral art diplomas, the discovery of rules of codified bouquets or how to make bouquets according to the rules of the floral art, please contact me directly for a specific schedule by email at the following address :

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Presentation of the Preparation to DAFA1 and DAFA2 exams.

With the desire and the enthusiasm to found a group of artistic floral art for the French-speaking part of Switzerland, we propose you the program of the preparation of the :
– DAFA 1 exam which will take place yearly at mid-April and
– DAFA 2 exam which will take place yearly at mid-October
at the Horticultural Society of France (SNHF) Paris.

‘DAFA’ stands for ‘Diploma of Art Floral Art’. More information can be found in the document SNHF in the Publications page or with Autres Web Sites page.

This preparation is not only for the exam but is also to build a solid foundation in classical arrangements as in modern arrangements.

The theory will be as important as the practice. Plant knowledge will also be developed along the formation.

Since there is a lot of investment in this preparation, also from teachers and participants, a firm commitment is needed with a minimum of 6 participants, is necessary.

The price of the day (to ask), including documentation, plants and accessories (without vase), 7 days of minimum course are required.

Noted, for those who do not intend to take the DAFA 1 exam or DAFA 2 exam, it is possible to take the courses that interest you.

The courses are organized in Thônex – Switzerland.

If you are interested or need more information, please contact me directly by email at the following address : or by phone at +41.76.399.55.19.

Old Calendar of Courses (Archives)


19.01.2018 : Modern Style SAFA WorkshopPhotos
21.01.2018 : Preparation for DAFA 1 & 2 Floral Diploma ExaminationPhotos
28.01.2018 : Preparation for DAFA 1 Floral Diploma ExaminationPhotos

04.02.2018 : Preparation for DAFA 1 Floral Diploma ExaminationPhotos
09.02.2018 : Modern Style SAFA WorkshopPhotos
11.02.2018 : Preparation for DAFA 1 & 2 Floral Diploma ExaminationPhotos

02.12.2018 : Thousand facets Christmas tree WorkshopPhotos


15.12.2019 : The Christmas Stars – we will make a structure and embellish it with plants and decorations. A composition that you will be proud of, at home or to offer, during the Christmas holidays !


19.01.2020 : Table decoration – with accessories and modern materials to embellish your table d’hôte in a short time.